Who is...

JoChemistry has built up a passion for house music a long time ago and has been a DJ for over 25 years. His roots are at various parties and events and are created out of the combination of playing music, showing visuals, stage design and stage building. The interaction and combination between all disciplines creates a creative and artistic flow of elements.


If it comes to music JoChemistry provides a great spectacle because the passion that he has is unprecedented.


In the mix he personally likes to build up from smooth deephouse to a banging techno climax at the end of his set but he is known for his different choices and music styles and therefore can be booked for many different events and parties. 


In an individual set and as well in the back to back sets he is very strong and unique in his appearance.


From smooth chill, club and deep house to a fast and banging techno house set, you ask and he will play it. 




As he speaks: 


"Music is therapy. Just close your eyes, dance, forget all your worries and feel relieved." 


That's what his intentions are.