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Manifestival kick off party

 After a turbulent time in which creativity was hard to find, JoChemistry has finally started organizing and creating again.

  This is how the creation "Manifestival" was born out of love and passion for house music. The name says it all. Under the guise of manifesting you can learn and thus create your own reality, we have started organizing a new series of recordings, house parties, festivals in combination with live streams

 The collaboration with came out of the manifestation. The kick off of the series takes place in the basement stage of the cafe.


 Jochem explains;

 "I am very grateful for the meeting and connection with Melgert (aka Dj Melaya) who through his love and energy has (perhaps subconsciously) given me the strength to make the manifestation become reality.

 Pim's coaching qualities also came at the right time in my life for me. He pulled me through situations that were hopeless. I am very grateful to him for that and also for the beautiful co-creation and the cooperation that has now arisen between us!

 I am very much looking forward to the first show that will be broadcast live. My proposal to turn it into an 11-hour marathon was taken up with both hands by Melaya and together we take on that challenge.

 I am also grateful to Renske for making all this possible. She is an anchor in my life!


 I hope you all tune in on or stop by for a dance!



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