TechTherapy with JoChemistry 


 The story behind the TechTherapy with JoChemistry sessions....

 DJ for more than 25 years and after a long silence, Jochem (aka JoChemistry) finally started recording again and also started live streams.

  The series of mixes and live streams released under the name TechTherapy all have a meaning and a certain thought.

 "Music is a long-acting universal language that enlightens us in many ways. It energizes us when we need it and soothes us in difficult situations. Music contributes to our total well-being and is present everywhere and at all times."

 The above explains the thinking behind the TechTherapy sessions. Playing house and especially techno is an enlightenment for JoChemistry and one of his greatest energizers. He hopes to be able to pass this on to others with his streams, recordings and now also the organization of parties. As he says.. "forget your worries for a while, listen and let yourself go....!"

 After a turbulent time in which creativity was hard to find, JoChemistry has finally started organizing and creating again.

  This is how the creation "Manifestival" was born out of love and passion for house music. The name says it all. Under the guise of manifesting you can learn and thus create your own reality, we have started organizing a new series of recordings, house parties, festivals in combination with live streams.